Sunday, April 5, 2009

B737-800 Flight Simulator

Went to the Singapore Flyer 2 weeks ago, not to take the Flyer, but to experience what it is like to fly a Boeing 737-800 virtually, yes..virtually.

Went to Flight Experience to fly the simulator using a voucher which my gf got for me for my birthday last year. First time I actually 'fly' the plane when I've actually been into cockpits of Boeing 757-200 and the MD-11 but not flying...

Well, I flew the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route which lasted 45mins or so, which is from Changi Airport (WSSS) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK).

Introducing the B737-800 cockpit

Doing checklists prior to take-off
Throttle Quadrant control pedestal
Reviewing waypoint settings in the MFD (Multi-Function Display)

Cleared for take-off on runway 02L

Rolling down the runway, reaching V1 speed

Vr Speed, and rotation

positive climb out and retracting landing gears

setting the auto-pilot

Making sure the auto-pilot is working is part of the routine check during flight

Setting the navigation frequency for the ILS approach into WMKK

Setting the Speed/Mach for approach

Final adjustments with 1000ft to go to runway 32L

Touch down and activating thrust reversers

Rolling to a stop on the runway

Taxiing to gate

After taxi checklist prior to engine shut-down

My flight instructor and I

My gf and I in the cockpit

Thanks dear for the experience!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


ya..i'm back!!!

A super long time ever since my last blog entry..haha..too tired to blog after work when i get home.

Some updates on my life...I'm still in ST Aerospace industry and still loving every part of the job especially my colleagues. Somehow my electrical team does not have too much of office politics whereas some other groups have bad glad to be in a nice team.

Went for 周华健's concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 7th Feb 2009. His concert was super long as lasted for 4 hours including encore. His concert is forever worth the money. I did not bring any cameras in this time round cos I just want to enjoy his songs and not busy myself with finding the right angle and time and zoom to take a pic or record a video. I rather stare at the stage than the small screen of my pics except a wall of text..haha..

Just met up with my Swiss NPCC friends...though not many..only 6 of us including me. The rest are busy with work or with reservist...haha..all of us still have that character in us that never change ever since secondary school. Great to see them all doing well in life but with complains from work...who doesn't right?

haha..for's time to move on to a new phase of life..a bit apprehensive though but sure will pull thru it with my other half...yeah!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

周華健 autograph session

today...had a last minute 冲动 go down to IMM to attend 周華健's autograph signing session..

didn't want to go down at first cause i have to go my grandma's place for dinner and scared I may be late...but today...suddenly just had the urge to

u see..i bought the tickets yesterday...2 tickets..1 for me and the other for my gf...then with tickets in hand...if I don't go for the autograph'll be wasted...

(for friends who don't know me well enough...keke...i'm a number one fan of 周華健...since quite's why I picked up guitar..but I not as pro as him lah..)

seems like i never fail to attend his autograph sessions one...coz is like a mini-concert liao...he'll pick up his trademark guitar and play songs that we wanna is no exception...played those familar songs that majority heard 朋友,爱相随,花心,有没有一首歌会让你想起我,etc..shiok!!

after singing...came the autograph session...i personally like his autograph session comparing to my other idols' (S.H.E and 梁静茹)...coz his fans usually from all walks of think most are old seldom will attend this kind of things...haha..

this means got more time on stage to chat with him..rather than sign and go..he said i looked like a rich kid....@@

anyway..below are the pics from the autograph session..
Arriving on stage at IMM..with 蔡伟彬 as the host..
tuning his guitar..a present from 李宗盛....

belting out a song..impromptu and un-plug kind..i like...then got the "live" feeling
momentarily looking at my direction..
a nice pose...and i managed to capture this shot...he looks white cos a guy behind me had his flash on right at the same time while i took the picture...
Finally sitting down for signing the concert tickets and posters
final interview before he rushed off to don't know where..haa..
my signed tickets!!

hmm...i don't know why...but I doubt I'll have this kind of urge to attend S.H.E or 梁静茹's autograph session thought i also like them..maybe cos 周華健 is just superb...

Pics of my New computer!!!

ahhhh....finally got some pics of my desktop...haha..

the space it's taking up my desk at the moment...haha..

22" Samsung Monitor and wireless keyboard + mouse

Love this monitor..22" Samsung wan..chio..

Lenovo brand..i sux at DIY..though i tell ppl DIY is

Windows Vista..zzz...but core 2 duo...
learnt that my motherboard n processor is those valuable kind and not cha-pa-lang kind

Overall quite pleased with my purchase..woot!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Damaged pockets...

wooo...i'm back to complaining that her friends never update their blogs one..hopefully she also meant mine too...haha..

anyway..burnt a huge hole in my pocket recently...i managed to get a descent desktop for below 1k...though the specs aren't really fabulous for that pricing...but my computer guru friends, aka sicong and jiehe and daji to some extend...(that daji fag not much of help..haha!!) told me the price i got it for is still reasonable...never tio chopped jialat jialat..

though is not a DIY desktop...but still ok a CPU from Lenovo for $899.. the specs weren't great at first...with only 1 GB ram and integrated graphics plus most monitor...i was turned off...but then...the salesman attending to me...was the he gave me a upgrade to 3GB ram and a GeForce graphics card..(though was a low end as i found out from jiehe later..but still at least wasn't integrated) and also an 19" samsung monitor..

sounds good to i'm not that pro with after some thought..i bought it..

must be recession.. coz the manager told me i gave them the first sales of the day...n it was 7+pm liaoz...that's y he desperate gave me all the free things...then i topped up another 80 bucks for a 22" samsung monitor..quite stylo which my company is using...the monitor itself costs 300 the CPU actually costs about 600 odd...

ok lah...quite happy with my purchase and i can play my flight sim which sux on my laptop...haha!!! yeah..

size of hole burnt in my pocket...SGD979...

next few months must eat grass le...haha!! will post some pics of my comp when i not as lazy as now..haha!!

I just love my monitor!! yipeee!! big big...shiok...